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Insect Trap

Insect Traps are made by using very fine and hard-wearing quality raw material which ensures high durability at its user end. These Insect Traps are widely used for trapping insects in stored grains. This Insect Trap is widely used in residential and commercial places. We maintain rigid norms of quality in accordance with laid down industry standards. It is highly energy efficient and offers seamless performance.


  • This provide whisper quiet operation
  • It intend to give durable structure
  • Requires low maintenance
  • It has designed for smooth functioning
  • It offers long operational life

Direct Paddy Seeder Machine

Direct Paddy Seeder is useful for uniformity seed sowing. It is reduce the manual effort and help farmers for maximize their output. It is light weight Pulling Machine. So it is very easy to handle. It can be shown 1 hectare per day. Paddy Seeder is Reduce the Labour Cost considerably that enhances other processes.

Major Parts

  • Hyperboloid shaped seed drum with 200mm diameter, 9 numbers of seed metering holes of 9mm hole diameter.
  • Baffles are provided inside the seed drum between seed holes resulting in uniformity of seed rate throughout the operation. These baffles also ensure hill dropping of seeds in which each of seed drum has two rows of planting.
  • Such drums can be assembled to form 8 rows of seed drum as shown in the picture.
  • Wheels are provided at both ends. These wheels are made up of plastic material to provide floating characteristics where the wheel diameter is 2 feet.
  • Four seed drums are assemble together with the square shaft. It includes one square shaft, handle base and handle.


Power Source Hand Operated
Row to row spacing 200 mm
Shape of the seed drum Hyperboloid
Number of rows 8 rows
Diameter of the drum 200 mm
Diameter of the seed metering hole 9 mm
Number of seed metering hole 9 Nos.
Wight of the unit 10 kg
Type of the ground wheel Lugged wheel
Diameter of the ground wheel 600 mm
Operating speed 1 Kmph
Level of filling the seed drum Half volume
Weight of seed drum 600 grams
Material used PP CP
Seed requirements 12-15 kg per acre
Seed preparations 24 hours socking in water.
12 – 24 hours incubation.
Production capacity 75,000 Nos. per annum

Salient Features

  • Easy to handle
  • It provide consistency
  • Labour cost will reduced
  • Light in weight machinery
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Light in weight and easy to handle
  • Reduction in seed rate and thinning cost
  • An area of 1 hectare per day can be shown
  • Continuous drilling of seeds is eliminated
  • Uniformity in seed sowing and Plant population will be seen
  • Crop will matures within 7-10 days earlier than the transplanted paddy

Cono Weeder

We are offering our customer a wide range of Cono Weeder. This range of Low Cost Cono Weeder is known for its best quality and durability. We offer these Low Cost Cono Weeder at most affordable prices to our precious customers.

Salient Features

  • Easy to operate
  • Low cost weed control
  • No chemical residue
  • Facilitates good aeration
  • Better development of root system
  • Conserves soil moisture
  • Ergonomically designed plastic cones

Some of the other details of these Cono Weeders are as follows:

  • Two conical rotors are mounted in tandem with opposite orientation
  • Smooth and Serrated Blades are mounted alternately on the rotor
  • This can effectively uproot and bury weeds
  • The rotors create a back and forth movement in the top 3 cm of soil


  • Cono Weeder must be used only for paddy field in wetland
  • There is a push/pull operation of the cono weeder between rows burries weeds inside the soil
  • Weeds are uprooted by the teeth of the weeder and buried in the mud due to its push/pull operation

Groundnut Decordicator

Offering a wide range of Groundnut Decorticator, this is used for shelling the seeds into husk and kernels. This has manufactured using high-grade mild steel, owing to their speedy and efficient shelling of groundnut and trouble free working, these products are widely demanded by the customers. Agricultural Seeder Machinery provides easy operations and quick production with the help of beaters and rubber. Along with easy handling and balanced process, these decorticators are available with extra facility like feeding hopper.

Salient Features

  • The clearance between the concave and oscillating sector is adjustable to suit the different varieties
  • Replaceable concave sieves are also depending upon pod size
  • The efficiency of the unit is 98 percent
  • The oscillating sector of the unit decorticates by rubbing action
To shell groundnut pods and separate kernel

This includes an oscillating sector with sieve bottom and a handle. The numbers of cast iron peg assemblies are fitted in the oscillating sector unit. The groundnut pods are shelled between the oscillating sector and the fixed perforated concave screen. The decorticated shells and kernels fall down through the perforated concave sieve. The kernel and husk are collected at the bottom of the unit and separated annually.

Agricultural Shredder

We are offering High Range of Agricultural Shredder to our client.

Specifications :

  • Length : 1450
  • Width: 1760
  • Height: 1050
  • Blade Length : 360
  • Blade Width: 100
  • Blade Height: 12
  • Chute Length : 780
  • Chute Width: 415
  • Chute Height: 250
  • Pulverizer Length : 180
  • Pulverizer Width: 60
  • Pulverizer Height: 12

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